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How much do your dice cost?
Prices vary according to the complexity of a design, but starting prices for simple styles are as follows: $125 for a 7-piece set, $55 for 30mm chonk d20, and $28 for standard size single d20.

How much does shipping cost?
US: $6. Canada: $18. Australia: $22.

When will I receive my purchase?

Orders will be dropped off at the post office within 3-5 days, and once shipped, delivery time will vary by destination.  US customers can typically expect their order to arrive within a week of shipping, but international orders can sometimes take 4+ weeks to arrive.

What is your return policy?
In general, returns are not accepted, but if you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact me as soon as possible, and we will figure out how to make it right.

How big are your dice?
All of my standard size dice are scaled proportionally to a 20mm d20.  My oversize d20 is 24mm face-to-face, and my chonk d20s are 30mm.  The weather d12, trap d8, and death save d20 are 20% larger than their standard size counterparts.

Some of your dice state that they are "raw" or "raw inked". What does this mean? 
"Raw" dice are those that have not gone through the typical sanding and polishing process that my fully finished dice receive. They are pulled from the mold, trimmed of excess resin, and sold as-is. "Raw inked" dice have the numbers painted after trimming.  As such, you can expect a less glass-like finish and more surface irregularities than on polished dice, but the price of these items is significantly reduced (usually by 30-40%) compared to the same item if it were fully finished.

Do you take commissions/custom requests?
I do not take custom commissions, but I will very occassionally accept re-make requests for previous designs, if I have the mental bandwidth for it at that time and feel that it is a design I can reliably reproduce. 

Will dice with natural inclusions make it through customs for international orders?
Yes, they should make it to you without issue.  Many countries have laws that prohibit the import of natural materials because of the damage that invasive species can do to an ecosystem, but once encased in resin, plant material no longer poses this threat, so it is not prohibited in this form. 

Do your dice roll fairly? Can I actually play with them?
Handmade dice are perfectly well-suited for casual gaming, and I sincerely hope that my dice will accompany you on many grand adventures! While no dice are perfectly balanced, on average, handmade dice actually tend to be better balanced than factory-produced dice, due to the much higher level of quality control and care that goes into their creation. Dice making is my chosen artistic medium becuase I enjoy creating funcitonal art, so all of my dice are meant to be played with and enjoyed.  If there were ever an exception to this, it would be prominently noted in the item title and description.

What are your dice made of?
Most of my dice are made of epoxy resin with various inclusions, including mica powder, resin dyes, alcohol inks, glitter, natural materials, etc. I have also begun experimenting with a faux stone material, and these dice will be labelled as such.

How should I care for my handmade dice?
I would recommend rolling on a soft surface, like a leather or felt dice tray to avoid damage to sharp corners/edges. Keep your dice out of direct sunlight to avoid premature yellowing of the resin. (All resin yellows over time, but exposure to UV light will expedite this process.) Avoid submerging your dice in water to prevent damage to the paint in the numbers. If your dice need to be cleaned for any reason, wipe gently with a damp cloth or with a very small amount of rubbing alcohol. 

How long have you been making dice?

I cast my first dice in January 2021 as a way to entertain myself during the pandemic and make some cool dice for my friends!